Deployment of Long Beach Ships

Size of Date of Date of Ship the Crew Deployment Return Missouri 1,500 Nov. 13 May 13 Anchorage 360 Dec. 1 ? Ford 200 Nov. 13 May 13 Ogden 310 June 20 April 17 Princeton 375 Dec. 8 June Jarrett 200 Dec. 7 June Paul F. Foster 300 Dec. 8 June Francis Hammond 280 Dec. 8 June Cayuga 240 June 20 April 17 Mobile 360 Dec. 1 ? Mount Vernon 390 Dec. 1 ?

Duties while in the Persian Gulf

Missouri: A battleship. Fired 28 tomahawk missiles at targets inside Iraq and bombarded occupied Kuwait with 16-inch guns. Fired on by Silkworm missile that was intercepted before it could do any damage.

Anchorage: Landing ship dock, which launches landing craft for amphibious assaults. Part of a task force still on duty in the Gulf to provide the capability of landing forces on the beach.

Ford: Guided missile frigate. Provided air defenses for other ships, enforced the naval blockade and provided general escort duties for aircraft carriers.

Ogden: Amphibious transport dock, designed to land troops and equipment on the beach. Part of amphibious task force that tied down Iraqi forces on the beach while the ground attack took place. Also evacuated 1,400 Iraqi prisoners.

Princeton: Aegis cruiser, an anti-aircraft ship whose main job was to defend other ships from air attack. Fired three tomahawk missiles before hitting a mine on Feb. 18, sustaining severe damages and injuries to three crew members. Spent the rest of the war in dry dock being repaired and is expected back under its own power in early June.

Jarrett: Guided missile frigate providing air defense for other ships. Also helped enforce the blockade and provided general escort duties for aircraft carriers. Expected back in early June.

Paul F. Foster: Destroyer that launched about 20 Tomahawk missiles aimed at Iraq. Expected back in early June.

Francis Hammond: A frigate whose main responsibilities were enforcing the blockade and escorting aircraft carriers. Expected back in early June.

Cayuga: A tank landing ship that can pull right up to a beach so that vehicles can be driven off a ramp onto the sand. Part of the amphibious-ready group (with Ogden).

Mobile: Amphibious cargo ship that can land heavy equipment on the beach. Still on duty as part of amphibious-ready task force.

Mount Vernon: Landing ship dock capable of launching landing craft in an amphibious assault. Still on duty as part of the amphibious-ready task force.

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