Promising to Be Demure, Italian Porn Star Weds

From Reuters

Clutching white flowers and dressed in white, the Hungarian-born Italian porn star known as Cicciolina married American sculptor Jeff Koons on Saturday.

“I really had jitters, I trembled. I’m never so nervous during my shows,” Ilona Staller, 39, said afterward.

The Rev. Zoltan Szirmai, who learned the bride’s full identity only after agreeing to perform the ceremony, went ahead after she took a vow to be more demure.

“She has promised there will be no more sex shows or video films and no more advertising of free love,” he said.


As the bridal march played inside the registry office, a group of Italian tourists outside chanted “Ciccio, Ciccio!”

Before the wedding, Staller said she was donning a white dress on purpose.

“White like a virgin,” she explained.

Cicciolina emigrated to Italy from Budapest and got her popular name with X-rated shows. She later won a seat in the Italian Parliament after a breast-baring campaign.


It was the second marriage for Staller.

Koons, 36, is from New York. He recently exhibited sculptures titled “Made in Heaven” portraying himself and Cicciolina in erotic poses.