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Merrick Money Mess: Broadway producer David Merrick faces federal charges of violating currency transaction statutes for allegedly trying to leave Kennedy Airport in New York with $145,000 in cash and traveler's checks, after declaring only $5,000. Merrick, 78, and companion Natalie Lloyd, 37, missed their Wednesday flight to London after the money was found by customs officials. Federal law requires that travelers declare anything over $10,000. Merrick's attorney said he withdrew money from the bank on Wednesday for the trip, adding, "He's not one to tell people how much money he's carrying." Merrick and Lloyd had also missed a flight to London on Monday after he asked to take his pistol on the plane. The gun was unloaded but turned out to be unregistered, and Merrick was carrying 19 rounds of ammunition. Merrick uses a wheelchair and still shows effects of a 1983 stroke. His estranged fifth wife, Etan, has filed a conservancy petition claiming he is unable to handle his affairs and has been spending money wildly.

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