Religious Views of Robert Vernon

Assistant Police Chief Robert Vernon has "outraged City Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky" with his remarks about biblical principles of marriage and child-rearing. In "Bradley Joins Call for Probe of Vernon" (Metro, June 4), the mayor and the American Civil Liberties Union joined the cry against Vernon's "controversial religious beliefs." It's good to know where these officials stand.

When Vernon expressed the idea that the man is head of the family and that children should be punished for disobedience, he expressed what Christians who believe in the Bible have been taught for centuries. That our society has strayed far from these views does not make them any less true.

Los Angeles is fortunate to have Vernon, a man of integrity, in law enforcement. During any investigation, we would hope that the men he has commanded, his wife and his children would be interviewed. Read his book, "The Married Man," to see if his beliefs are "repugnant or out of step with the morality of society" as the executive director of the ACLU implied.

Investigate Vernon on the basis of job performance, not "the allegations of unnamed police officers" who contacted Yaroslavsky's office.



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