Community Names and Reputations

The more I think about the name North Hills, the less I like it.


It's repetitive. We already have North Hollywood, Northridge, and according to 1990 census figures, North Sherman Oaks. When it comes to Hills, we already have Hollywood Hills, Simi Hills, Granada Hills and Mission Hills.

I've sent mail to myself at Los Angeles 91401 instead of Van Nuys. It reached me. I've sent mail to a former boss at Los Angeles 90744 instead of Wilmington. It got there.

How about using Los Angeles for all ZIP codes for 900xx and 91301 to 91699? Tom Bradley is mayor in all those ZIPs, plus others. Or designate ZIP codes 913 to 916 as San Fernando Valley, Calif., assuming the city of San Fernando lets us use the name.


Van Nuys

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