MOORPARK : Schools OK Policy for Police Inquiries

The Moorpark school board has approved a watered-down version of a policy that would have prohibited police from interviewing students at school without notifying the school district.

Under the policy proposed in February, police would have had to let the school know an hour before arriving on campus to question a student, except in emergencies. However, the district's legal counsel advised the school board that the district would be acting illegally by putting such constraints on police.

A review of the policy came after parents of children at both Chaparral Middle School and Moorpark High School complained that their children had been questioned by police officers at school without their knowledge.

The policy approved by the board Tuesday directs school officials to notify parents by telephone when an officer asks to speak to a student. However, the officer will not be delayed from questioning the student.

If school officials are unable to reach parents, a letter must be sent to the student's home the same day.

Under the policy, the principal will remain with the student during the questioning unless the officer specifically asks the administrator to leave.

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