CONEJO VALLEY : District to Consider School-Bus Fees

Conejo Valley school board members voted 4-0 Thursday to consider making parents pay for school-bus transportation.

The Conejo Valley Unified School District now subsidizes the $1-million school-bus program with more than $400,000 a year in general-fund monies. The remainder of the transportation budget comes from state funds.

Also contained in a district improvement plan is a goal to develop a districtwide recycling program that would begin as a pilot project in March. Plans to expand the district headquarters and build a new stadium at Westlake High School will also be a high priority, according to the plan.

Under the district busing plan, officials will review routes and analyze any possible program changes by October. Supt. William R. Seaver will be given a draft proposal for a parent-paid transportation program that will later be considered by school board members.


Only about two dozen school districts in the state, none in Ventura County, now charge a school-bus fee. In April, the state Court of Appeal upheld the right of school districts to charge for transportation to preserve academic programs.

About 2,100 of the district’s 17,000 students ride the bus to school.