Fire Department Cuts

Cuts being made to the Fire Department in a city that is preparing for "the big one" are pure folly (June 14). The voters have been shortsighted and tightfisted for too long, willing to reduce public services and the quality of the life of the community in order to pad their pockets just a bit more. I'll bet that the reduction in personal taxes has created no significant "windfall" for the majority.

The community, however, shows outward signs of neglect--and now the Fire Department gets it in the neck. God help us when the time comes and any of us needs this basic service.

After we make the world "safe for democracy," will the world really be safe? We now have the freedom to make unwise, self-destructive choices. It makes you wonder whether our system of democracy is really for "the greatest good." It seems like we should agree on a minimum level of public services that cannot be eroded, for any reason, the Fire Department being one of them.


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