Sen. Seymour

Because John Seymour has been appointed to fill the vacated Senate chair by Gov. Pete Wilson, The Times has reviewed his past activities (Part A, May 26-27).

Seymour has given unwavering and strong support to the higher education needs of Orange County folks. I know, because I was president of Cal State Fullerton from 1981 to 1990. Over those years I have asked his advice and sought his help in Sacramento with legislative matters on behalf of the university. Whether it was a budget item with reference to our new student residential complex, a new science building or an intricate government committee matter, he always came through with an aggressive and positive response.

My point is that it might help his "invisible" image if the more than 25,000-plus Cal State Fullerton students who enrolled for each of those 10 years knew about the unwavering support that he gave for them.


President Emeritus

Cal State Fullerton

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