Taxes Aren't Just Talk

How long can one live without Ding Dongs? As for me, I can go forever. And if I'm to be required to pay taxes on the two daily papers I subscribe to, I'll quit and read other people's leftovers. I've already stopped buying magazines. I, among others, don't smoke or drink, so they'll get a great big zero there.

If it's left up to us uns of such ilk, the state budget will never get balanced, not until the Legislature takes a pay cut. Hah. Those guys up there show their true colors now and then--mostly when they have their grasping hands in our pockets--that's when they don't just talk.

But they're able to talk real long and fast when someone suggests they take salary cuts and that they cool it on expense accounts. Famous last words: "And we thought they were just talking."

RUTH HULSMAN, Newport Beach

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