The Venues 'Latino Legends' Draw

It's unfortunate that Steve Brigati (" 'Latino Legends' a Celebration of Vibrant Past," Counterpunch, July 8), whose knowledge of music is without question, missed the point I was trying to make in my comments regarding the "Latino Legends of Rock 'n' Roll" show ("Midniters' Leader Ready to Rock Again," Calendar, July 4). In virtually all instances, I support Brigati's sentiments. Many of his points reflect comments I made to Steve Hochman during our interview.

The bands involved in the "Legends" show are , without exception, important, talented and great influences. My point was, and is, that it is too bad that shows like the "Legends" seem to be the only ones that these groups are offered. As Jimmy Espinoza commented in his letter, it's "a significant step" (Saturday Letters, Calendar, July 6). But the "Legends" show isn't enough. It's just a beginning. These groups should be given a chance to prosper as functional bands with current record deals.

And as for Brigati's comments about Los Lobos, we have in no way rejected our roots. Obviously we embrace them and take musical risks to enhance our musical culture (our album "La Pistola y El Corazon" is just one example). In the process, we're trying to redefine the stereotypes and, without trivializing our roots, bring them into the mainstream.


Los Lobos


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