FBI and Lennon

What a raft of "how to screw the people" stories in the July 13 Metro section!

"FBI Loses Lennon Papers Battle": The ongoing saga of government subverting the people's right to know with the most outlandish excuses for secrecy.

"Families Get $57 million in 1974 Plane Crash Award": But if you haven't sued already, forget it. Insurance firms are now liable only to the Insurance Commission (whose loyalties are questionable) if they fail to deal in good faith with claimants. It's the fox and the chicken coop again.

And last but not least, "Disney Seeks U.S. Highway Funds for Expansion": Rep. Robert Dornan's (R-Garden Grove) support of a $175-million grant becomes almost tolerable when compared with Democratic legislators' support of a $395-million grant from highway funds for the expansion of Disneyland.

In a state where surface streets are deteriorating, freeway speed has been reduced to a 22-miles-per-hour average and rapid transit is all but ignored, sucking from federal highway funds so that Disney can increase traffic to its park in Anaheim smells of political payoff.

Maybe self-serving politics is nothing new, but it's sure getting old!


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