Axl's Tantrums Don't Make Him an Artist

Once again, Robert Hilburn has given new meaning to the word ridiculous, this time with his review of the Guns N' Roses Pacific Amphitheatre show ("Stop the Presses! Axl's Upset Again," July 27). Does he truly believe that Axl Rose's temperamental onstage antics make him an artist of depth and passion? I have never agreed with Hilburn's canonizations of U2 and Bruce Springsteen, but to compare them to Rose is ludicrous. U2 and Springsteen actually seem to feel an obligation to the fans who pay upward of $25 to see them play live. Even Axl Rose's "fans" expressed disgust at this behavior, and eventually I'm sure no one will bother to turn up at Guns N' Roses shows. Why shell out hard-earned money to watch an overpaid, overrated, immature sleaze-bag throw a temper tantrum? Someone should point out to Rose that he's alienating the very people who provide his livelihood, and if he keeps it up, his only fans will be sadly misguided "critics" such as Hilburn.


Garden Grove

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