SCHOOL REPORT : Board Weighs Evaluating Management Programs Before Further Expansion

<i> News from the L.A. Unified school board meeting</i>

Board members Monday discussed whether the district should evaluate school-based management programs launched last year to give 40 schools more autonomy before approving plans for 38 more schools this fall.

“It’s very hard to find out what’s working and what’s not,” said Roberta Weintraub, who represents the eastern San Fernando Valley.

Board member Mark Slavkin, who represents the Westside, said proposals submitted by schools are not as creative as he would like because “people who have been in this system for a long time have had their sails clipped.”


The board also:

* Ended almost a year of speculation by appointing Ruben Zacarias as deputy superintendent, a position that was vacated by Bill Anton when he became superintendent.

Whether Anton would leave the position vacant in order to save money became an issue last year. In addition, several prominent African-American groups opposed the appointment of Zacarias, citing what they said were frictions between him and black administrators.

Zacarias’ previous position, associate superintendent for school operations, has been eliminated and his salary will remain the same, officials said.