CAMARILLO : Panel OKs Gates to Lock Out Trucks


The Camarillo Planning Commission on Tuesday night sent the message that Camarillo Plaza, off the Ventura Freeway, is not a truck stop.

The commission approved the shopping center’s recent installation of gates to lock out truck drivers at night.

The gates, which are locked only at night, are at the back entrances to the plaza, along Brently and Murray Avenues.


The plaza’s management company installed the gates after residents of the neighboring Del Prado housing development complained that noisy refrigerated trucks were parking behind the center at night, said a spokeswoman for the management company, Humax West of Marina del Rey.

The noise from the trucks’ refrigerated units “was driving the neighbors insane because it went on all night long,” spokeswoman Cori Gibson said.

Neighbors told Humax West that the truckers were sleeping in the vehicles, Gibson said.

However, the truck drivers may have been customers of the Denny’s restaurant or Motel 6 in front of Camarillo Plaza, Planning Director Tony Boden said.