Neighborhood Groups Part of 'New Age City'

The article "New Age City" (Times, July 28) outlined a new human government in Pasadena but forgot to mention the neighborhood associations that have cropped up all over Pasadena with the blessing and urging of its council representatives.

These neighborhood associations help bridge the gap between citizens and the city government by giving a united voice to residents regarding both issues exclusive to particular neighborhoods, such as new development, as well as more universal concerns such as education, crime and safety, which affect the whole city.

We may not see eye to eye with the City Council on all issues, but I give credit to council members who have helped neighborhood associations like mine unite.

There is even a city-sponsored organization called the Neighborhood Connection, which promotes uniting neighborhoods. It sponsors community seminars and provides our grass-roots organizations with mundane things like printing facilities, coffeemakers and folding tables.

To the New Age city!


Brigdon Ranch

Neighborhood Assn.


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