GARDEN GROVE : Brookhurst Way Route to Be Closed


Northbound motorists who have used Brookhurst Way as a shortcut to Brookhurst Street will no longer have that option.

The City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to close off Brookhurst Way at Brookhurst Street and to remove the traffic signal at that intersection.

City officials said the reason is that heavy traffic on Brookhurst Way, located north of Stanford Avenue, has become a safety problem for residents who live on the west side of the street--especially when they try to back their cars out of their driveways.


“That street has been the cause of a number of traffic problems that we’ve identified through studies,” City Manager George L. Tindall said.

The closure of the street is also expected to eliminate problems with signal-light synchronization along Brookhurst Street and improve the overall traffic flow.

Until Brookhurst Way can be permanently transformed into a cul-de-sac, its closure will be marked with barriers and signs, city officials said.