La Puente : Election Set on Project

The City Council on Tuesday scheduled a Nov. 19 special election on the fate of a controversial redevelopment project.

The council voted 5 to 0 to hold the special election rather than repeal the redevelopment plan it approved in June. Those were its only options in the wake of a successful petition drive calling for a referendum on the project.

Mayor Charles H. Storing warned that a defeat of the 93-acre redevelopment project, which he called the “most painless” method of bolstering sagging city revenues, would require harsh fiscal alternatives.


He urged the council to consider new tax measures if the project is rejected.

Opponents of the redevelopment plan, which allows the city to encourage development by offering financial incentives, say it would lead to unjustified condemnation of many of the nearly 40 houses and 200 businesses in the project area.