Glendora : Height Limit Will Stand


A property owner’s request to remove the 17-foot building height limit from his ridgeline lot was denied by the City Council Tuesday.

The council voted 4 to 1 against the request made two weeks ago by Tim Kraft, architect for the proposed home of Nick Agosta on Eagle Ridge Road. Kraft said the 17-foot limit would force him to make the house broader and closer to the ridgeline, where it would be more visible from below.

Councilmen David Bodley and Marshall Mouw said they saw no reason to change the rules established four years ago when a five-lot tract was approved with the height limit.


Councilman Bob Kuhn and Mayor Larry Glenn said they were concerned that removal of the limit for one lot would set a precedent for the others.

Councilwoman Molly MacLeod voted for the appeal, saying she would like to consider each of the five lots individually.