Masked Men Enter Home, Steal Car, $60,000 in Jewels


Sheriff’s investigators Thursday were continuing their search for two masked men who walked into a jewel merchant’s home Wednesday night and took more than $60,000 in gems before fleeing in his car.

The robbers, one armed with an Uzi, were described as dressed in black with stockings pulled over their faces. Authorities said the intruders ordered the merchant and his wife--who were not identified--to lie face-down on the living room floor while they rooted through the home about 9 p.m. in the 18000 block of Theodora Drive.

Sheriff’s Lt. Bob Rivas said Thursday that the couple had left the front door open to cool their home while they watched television.


Inside the house, Rivas said the intruders began asking the couple the whereabouts of an unidentified third person and the location of a white BMW automobile.

“I don’t know if they knew somebody there or what,” Rivas said. “They must have been aware of the house.”

After picking through the house, Rivas said the robbers, dressed in black turtlenecks, black jeans and tennis shoes, took the couple’s gray 1989 Toyota. Rivas said jewel samples were in the trunk.

No shots were fired in the incident and no one was injured.

Authorities recovered the Toyota shortly after midnight Wednesday, abandoned in the 17000 block of 17th Street in Tustin. The jewelry reported to be in the trunk was missing.