San Diego

A Normal Heights man convicted of killing a woman at a Loma Portal disco was sentenced Friday to 15 years to life in state prison.

Daniel Wallace, 24, was given the term for the Oct. 27 shooting death of Tanya Shaw, 20, who was inside Rasputin's Disco and Nightclub when she was shot in the head.

Wallace was also convicted of three counts of assault with a deadly weapon for wounding three other patrons.

Superior Court Judge J. Perry Langford gave Wallace a nine-year term for the three assault counts, to run concurrently with the murder sentence. Wallace was also fined $1,000.

Wallace's attorney, Bart Sheela, unsuccessfully argued that his client should receive a new trial.

A co-defendant, Willie Pitts, 22, of Normal Heights, was acquitted of all counts and released from jail.

Testimony said the two men had been ejected from the nightclub by security personnel, and shots were later fired into the disco from a passing vehicle.

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