Water Use and Conservation

The Municipal Water District of Orange County’s five largest member agencies together accounted for nearly half of the district’s total consumption during the February-June period this year.

While they were using this much, though, they were also achieving considerable savings compared to the same period last year. Irvine Ranch Water District, for example, used 14.8% of Municipal Water District water but accounted for 15.1% of the conservation. The city of Huntington Beach managed an even better record.

The district supplies water to 23 city water departments and water districts, covering most of North County and a few areas of South County. Not included here are member agencies of Coastal Municipal Water District (Laguna Beach County Water District, San Clemente Water Department, South Coast Water District and Tri-Cities Water District) and the three independent water agencies (Anaheim Water Department, Fullerton Water Department and Santa Ana Water Department).

Percentage of Total Water Conserved Orange Water Dept.: 5.2% Moulton Niguel Water District: 5.1% Garden Grove Water Dept.: 4.4% Huntington Beach Water Dept.: 12.3% Irvine Ranch Water District: 15.1% 18 other MWDOC member agencies: 57.9% Percentage of Total Water Used Orange Water Dept.: 7.6% Moulton Niguel Water District: 7.7% Garden Grove Water Dept.: 7.9% Huntington Beach Water Dept.: 9.7% Irvine Ranch Water District: 14.8% 18 other MWDOC member agencies: 52.3% Source: Municipal Water District of Orange County