Fast-Food Workers Bag Robber


Three Kentucky Fried Chicken employees subdued a gun-toting robber Saturday after he appeared at a locked door before store hours wearing a company uniform, Garden Grove police said.

When the employees let the man inside the store, he pulled a gun on them.

Lt. Chuck Gibbs said that J. Ricardo Lopez, 22, of Orange was arrested after restaurant manager Angel P. Diaz, 23, and two of his employees caught the robber off guard, jumped him, wrestled him to the floor and took away his pistol. None of the employees were injured, but police said Diaz suffered a cut lip in the fracas.


Gibbs said Lopez was arrested on charges of armed robbery and burglary.

Police said the incident occurred at 8:40 a.m., before the restaurant had opened for business, as the employees were preparing food for the day. The restaurant is at 12861 Harbor Blvd.

Gibbs said he did not know how Lopez got the uniform.