Wire Bins Can Be Made for Small Composting

QUESTION: We are mobile home owners in Alta Loma and have little space for making compost. Any suggestions for preparing a proper container in which to use our limited grass clippings and kitchen trash to create compost to enrich our plant soil?

ANSWER: A slatted bin or a wire mesh enclosure is suitable for making compost. Try to make it at least 3 feet by 3 feet and pile the compost 3 to 4 feet tall. If you’d like to work with smaller amounts and purchase the container, some appealing devices are shown in the Gardener’s Supply catalogue (128 Intervale Road, Burlington, Vt. 05401).

A word of caution about using grass clippings. Be sure to alternate them with crushed leaves or other dried garden refuse so that you don’t create a smelly, slimy mess. Locate your compost pile in a shady spot and keep it as moist as a squeezed-out dam sponge. Chop up large pieces so that they will decompose more quickly, and from your kitchen use only vegetable refuse. Good luck!