Ruelas Lacks Aggressiveness but Still Posts Decisive Win


Gabriel Ruelas of Arleta had trouble deciding what to do with Alvaro Bohorquez on Saturday night. After knocking the Colombian to the canvas in the fourth round, Ruelas had a chance to end things quickly.

But instead of going for the knockout like he did last month against Aaron Lopez and ultimately winning a decision, Ruelas spent much of the next eight rounds dodging blows rather than throwing them.

He still won the fight easily, taking 11 of 12 rounds in retaining his North American Boxing Federation junior lightweight title at the Sports Arena on the Brett Lally-Terry Norris undercard.


But Ruelas’ lack of aggressiveness almost caught up with him.

Bohorquez stunned Ruelas (24-1) with an overhand right flush on the jaw early in the 12th round. He followed it up with a couple of lefts but never seriously hurt Ruelas.

Ruelas, 129 1/2, said he did not want a repeat of the Lopez fight.

“I was trying not to get too wild like I did last fight,” Ruelas said. “I told myself to relax and take my time. But I think I gave him a chance to come back.”

Ruelas acknowledged that he was stunned in the 12th round.

“He stung me a little bit,” said Ruelas, who stumbled after being hit. “I was off balance when he got me.”

Bohorquez (28-8-2), who was fighting for only the third time in the United States, had a difficult time finding Ruelas until the 12th round.

“My strategy was to attack, then hit him with the uppercut,” Bohorquez, 130, said.

But it was a failed strategy. Ruelas moved his head well from side to side throughout the bout, never giving Bohorquez much of a chance to hit him.

“I thought it was an easy fight,” Ruelas said. “Maybe it could have ended sooner. But as long as you get the win. This time I won and I still learned a lot.”

Joe Goossen, Ruelas’ trainer, said he will work with Ruelas on developing more of a killer instinct.

“He did what had to be done, but maybe he could have done more of what needed to be done,” Goossen said.