Dornan Decries 'Attack' in Column

On July 30, after obtaining a strongly worded but factual letter that I wrote to a Planned Parenthood advocate who resides outside of my congressional district, Times columnist Dianne Klein attacked me for taking the "low road" in my response.

Planned Parenthood is an organization that advocates abortion for any reason throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Its leaders are at the forefront of the pro-abortion movement in our country. And because of my opposition to abortion, I have been made a political target of Planned Parenthood. In fact, the public affairs director of Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino counties, the same organization which sponsored the advertisement, ran against me in the 1990 election vowing to make abortion the central issue. (She later declined to campaign fearing her candidacy might jeopardize Planned Parenthood's federal funding!)

If Klein wants to launch attacks against me and defend Planned Parenthood, she should have the courtesy to phone me for a comment and then have the sense of fairness to present all of the facts to her readers.


U.S. Congressman

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