Compiled by Chris Woodyard / Times staff writer

New Link to Airport: Northwest Airlines will soon have a new commuter airline link to John Wayne Airport.

StatesWest Airlines Inc. of Phoenix, which flies as USAir Express, will be hauling passengers from 10 smaller California airports to Northwest’s hubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The special linkup, including special fares yet to be determined, are for Northwest’s Pacific-bound passengers only. The arrangement is distinctive because the commuter airline will be serving as a link for both USAir and Northwest, according to StatesWest Chairman Rudy R. Miller.


StatesWest will accommodate the Northwest passengers on its five daily flights between John Wayne, in Santa Ana and Los Angeles International Airport starting Sept. 15.

Just as it does presently for USAir, StatesWest and Northwest will coordinate flight schedules and passenger handling. Passengers will be able to buy one air fare for their entire trip.

StatesWest Airlines Inc., headquartered in Phoenix, operates 16 Beechcraft aircraft, each capable of carrying 19 passengers.