Cerritos : Incentives Offered to Cut Solo Car Traffic at City Hall

Cash payments and more bicycle racks at City Hall are among the incentives included in a proposal adopted last week by the Cerritos City Council in its effort to reduce automobile traffic at the civic center each morning.

Employers and city governments with at least 200 workers have been ordered by the South Coast Air Quality Management District to come up with such plans in order to help reduce the smog caused by automobile use. The city is to submit its plan to the district this week.

The city staff recommended 12 incentives for employees to encourage them to reduce their auto trips, especially solo ones. Under the plan, $35 per pay period will be given to employees who agree to arrive at City Hall at least three days a week using any method of transportation other than driving alone.

Among the other incentives will be $15 subsidies for monthly transit passes.