OAK PARK : High School Is 1st to Try Channel One


Oak Park High School will become the first public high school in Ventura County this fall to adopt Channel One, the cable television program of news and advertising aimed at youth.

The board of the Oak Park Unified School District voted 4 to 1 Tuesday to try Channel One at the high school, Supt. Susan Hearn said.

Channel One’s operator, Whittle Communications Inc. of Knoxville Tenn., will install a satellite dish, a receiver and two videocassette recorders at the school. In addition, the school will get 28 television sets for its classrooms and one set for the principal to preview each day’s programming, Hearn said.


In return, school officials agree to show Channel One’s daily 12-minute program to at least 90% of the school’s students on at least 90% of school days, Hearn said. The school can use the equipment, which is expected to be installed by Oct. 1, to show other programs, Hearn said.

The daily Channel One program has 10 minutes of news and two minutes of commercials for such products as soft drinks, candy and athletic shoes, Hearn said.