‘Wolves’ Does Its Dance on the Little Screen


In case you’re one of the few who missed it in theaters, you can now rent the videocassette of “Dances With Wolves” (Orion, no list price, PG-13).

Kevin Costner directed, co-produced and stars in this sweeping, sympathetic but unsentimental epic about the last self-determined days of the Sioux nation, as seen through the eyes of a Union army soldier who becomes a member.

The picture grossed more than $175 million and won seven Academy Awards. However, some viewers may be put off by the more realistically brutal scenes, or by the film’s length (180 minutes).


Also out: “The Icicle Thief” (Fox Lorber, $89.95), an inventive satire on TV by Italian director Maurizio Nichetti; “Bullseye” (RCA/Columbia, $89.95, PG-13), a thriller that practically went straight to video despite its cast (Michael Caine, Roger Moore, Sally Kirkland); “Eversmile” (Media, $89.98, PG), a romantic comedy starring Daniel Day-Lewis (“My Left Foot”); “RobotJox” (RCA/Columbia, $89.95, PG), a futuristic work from “Re-Animator” director Stuart Gordon.

Vintage Video: Turner’s “50th Anniversary Citizen Kane” ($19.98) contains the restored film plus a half-hour documentary on the making of the Orson Welles classic.

Coming Attractions: Next week: “La Femme Nikita” and “Waiting for the Light.”

Future features: “The Hard Way” (Sept. 12), “The Rescuers Down Under” (Sept. 20, $24.99), “Nothing but Trouble” (Sept. 25), “The Doors” and “Cyrano de Bergerac” (Sept. 26), “The Godfather Part III” (Oct. 10), “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Class Action” (Oct. 24), “Fantasia” (Nov. 1, $24.99).