S.D. County Jobless Rate at 7%


The county’s unemployment rate in July was 7.0%, virtually unchanged from the 7.1% jobless rate in June but up significantly from a year ago when only 5% of the area’s work force was out of a job.

In its monthly survey, the state Employment Development Department said Friday that the total number of wage-earners in the county as of July was 985,100, the lowest local jobs count since February, 1990, when the total was 984,700. The July figure was down from June’s 994,800 jobs total and from the 991,600 wage-earners as of July, 1990.

The county’s slumping retail activity was reflected in figure for jobs in retail trades, which declined in July to 191,900 from 194,800 in July, 1990.


A small measure of comfort may be taken in the fact that the county unemployment rate was still better than the state’s as a whole. California’s unemployment rate in July was 8.0%, up from 5.7% in July, 1990.

The U.S. unemployment rate in July was 6.7%, up from the July, 1990 rate of 5.5%.