In Grove Article, Critic Sounds More Like a Jilted Lover

To say that Jan Herman's article "No Letup in Scuffling at Grove Festival" (Aug. 20) is in poor taste is an enormous understatement. Mr. Herman sounds more like a jilted lover than a journalist. One might think that it was Mr. Herman who resigned from the Grove and not (founding artistic director) Thomas Bradac.

I have worked as an actor at the Grove and at many other theaters throughout the country, and I have seen artistic directors come and go, sometimes more painfully than others. But in every case, the most important thing for all parties to remember was the health and well being of the theater as an institution. I'm very sorry that Mr. Herman feels it necessary to stir up trouble in Garden Grove at a time when the health of the theater is probably a bit fragile.


Los Angeles


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