She Has Everything Under Complete Control--Almost

You thought John Robinson picked Jeff Fisher as his new defensive coordinator?

According to the Ram media guide, owner Georgia Frontiere “presided over the restructuring of the Rams’ defensive coaching staff, which is expected to produce an aggressive, attacking style of play, designed to wreak havoc. . . .

“The architect of this resurgent defense is Jeff Fisher, whom Georgia brought from Philadelphia. . . . “

Rounding into shape for this season slowly, Frontiere introduced Fisher at a kickoff luncheon as her new offensive coordinator.


Add Georgia: She also introduced the new secondary coach, Tom Bettis, as Tim Beetle.

Trivia time: When Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points against the New York Knicks, who was the opposing center?

Mr. Nice Guy: After Jerry Glanville arrived from Houston to coach the Atlanta Falcons, he brought in former Oiler Mike Rozier. When Rozier reported out of condition this season, Glanville had him running with the offensive tackles.

“His agent guaranteed me . . . it was the best shape he’d ever been in,” Glanville said. “Well, that was a lie. He did say, ‘You’ve never seen him in this kind of shape.’ ”


Sellout: Jimmy Connors’ memorable U.S. Open should have been a coup for Converse, which pays him to advertise its products . . . except that Connors wore Nike shoes throughout the tournament.

“It wasn’t a business relationship,” Nike’s Liz Dolan told USA Today’s Michael Hiestand. “He’s just a guy who needed good shoes.”

Said Converse representative Kathy Button: “We’re just glad he played well. And he had our socks on.”

Add tennis: Hemel Meghani Cosme and Lisa Jones, teaching pros at the U.S. Tennis Assn. center, had one of the hardest jobs at the Open: Organizing nine on-site practice courts for 256 players.


“Sometimes, the players come up and talk to us like we’re idiots and don’t know about wanting practice courts,” Cosme said, who plays professionally on the women’s satellite circuit. “We know all about wanting practice courts. But at times, they come and want courts, and when you say they’re not available (or) they’re wet because it was raining, they’re not happy.”

The best player to work with?

“Steffi (Graf) is very nice, polite and articulate,” Cosme said. “She doesn’t umm and aah . She knows how to speak.”

"(Boris) Becker is also very nice. He always says, ‘Hi, you guys,’ and always says, ‘See you next year.’ ”


Notice, it’s a short list.

Gesundheit: The Minnesota Twins and The Star Tribune of Minneapolis, who had been fighting over the rights to produce the 1991 version of the “Homer Hanky,” have settled their differences.

The Star Tribune created the Homer Hanky in 1987 and asked to do it again. Talks broke off about a week ago, and the Twins began printing “Rally Rags.”

“Common sense prevailed--I guess that’s the best way to characterize it,” Twin President Jerry Bell said.


In 1987, the paper sold 2.3 million hankies, and fans waited in line for two hours to buy them.

History: John Battle married the former Regina Belle recently, with four of his teammates on the Atlanta Hawks last season attending. Only one of them, Dominique Wilkins, is still a Hawk. Spud Webb has been traded to Sacramento, Moses Malone to Milwaukee and Doc Rivers to the Clippers.

Battle, a free agent, signed with Cleveland.

Trivia answer: Darrall Imhoff.


Quotebook: Joe Gergen of Newsday quotes film critic and Boston Red Sox fan Jeffrey Lyons, who says the team’s success this season simply is the result of world history: “The last time the Red Sox won a World Series, there was a Russian revolution.”