OK, I’m Awake. Now I’m Hungry.

The University of Cincinnati reports that when workers are exposed to periodic whiffs of peppermint, they stay more alert.

Try Skimming This

Whales are mammals, so baby whales drink milk . . . underwater, and it’s as thick as cheese, to keep it from dissipating before the baby can get it. And talk about quick energy--it’s 49% butterfat.

Rx: OJ & Java


American Health reports that since orange juice contains limonin glucoside, which inhibits oral cancer in animals, and coffee beans contain another anti-cancer agent, we may be eating--or at least drinking--a healthy breakfast. (Well, OK--nobody knows whether the chemical survives roasting, so you could chew green coffee beans if you wanted to be sure.)

You Say Tomato, I Say Banana

A two-year study funded by the California Tomato Board has concluded that we should think of the tomato as a banana. You wouldn’t put a banana in the refrigerator, right? The tomato too loses flavor if stored below 55 degrees.

A Growing Grain


This appears to be National Rice Month, and maybe just in time--American consumption of rice has doubled in the last 15 years to 20 pounds per person.

The Lean Chromium Pig

A Louisiana State University research team headed by the marvelously named L. Lee Southern has devised a way of getting leaner ribs. Adding chromium picolinate to a pig’s diet reduces rib fat 20%, at the same time increasing lean muscle. Possible human use of the chemical is being considered.

The Snooty Copper Pig


Speaking of pigs, there’s a copper one at the James Beard House in Greenwich Village, courtesy of Jeff Smith, “the Frugal Gourmet.” The statue, which had been sold by the famous cookbook author’s estate, is also a fountain that spouts water from (ugh) its nostrils. “I knew how important that pig was to Mr. Beard,” Smith has said. “I talked with him the night we turned it on. He said, ‘Oink oink, thank you.’ ”