Movie Mogul for a Day: Spotlight L.A.,...

Movie Mogul for a Day: Spotlight L.A., the Convention Bureau’s publication, reports that for $50,000, Universal Studios will provide you with this 24-hour fantasy career:

One night at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a workout “designed” by Jake Steinfeld (“Trainer to the Stars”), breakfast at the Polo Lounge (where you can bark at your own executive assistant and publicist), a limo ride to Universal, a session with a celebrity photographer, a production meeting, a visit to the rehearsal of a sitcom, lunch in the private commissary, a session to record a voice-over for a network cartoon show and dinner at Spago.

Universal tells us that so far there have been no takers for this new offer. But Christmas is a ways off. It seems like just the gift to thrill a hard-to-buy-for relative. Or, a nostalgic ex-studio head such as Jon Peters.

A different kind of temporary recognition is available at Compton Cleaners, which displays a billboard announcing the writer of its “Bad Check of the Month.”


“We usually give the person five or six months to pay before we put their name up there,” said a spokeswoman. “It works excellently. I don’t think there have been more than two or three people (featured on the billboard) that haven’t paid up. Some people just have to be shamed into doing it, that’s all.”

This item isn’t accompanied by a photo of the billboard because we want to give the current marquee name a bit longer to pay.

But you know who you are.

While it’s obvious that a lot of drivers on the freeway need additional instruction in the art, Griffith Park has posted a sign asking that they please not hold workouts in the zoo’s parking lot (see photo).


The warning no doubt also applies to golfers waiting to play on the adjacent course.

Heartfelt plea, in L.A.'s great Non-Summer of ’91, on a convertible parked at Dodger Stadium:


Maybe next year.


List of the Day: Officials at Van Nuys Junior High recently mentioned the possibility of changing its name after a redrawing of the boundaries left the school in Sherman Oaks. The junior high is hardly alone, however, among places in Southern California that aren’t where their name says they are:

1--Orange County Nursery is in Norwalk.

2--Hollywood Park is in Inglewood.

3--Westwood One is in Culver City.


4--The Beverly Hills Gun Club is in West L.A.

5--Pomona College is in Claremont.

6--The Hotel Bel-Air Sands is in Brentwood.

7--The Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies is in Reseda.


8--Marina del Rey Junior High is in Mar Vista.

9--Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena Airport is one-third correct (Burbank).

10--The L.A. Rams are in Anaheim. (Come to think of it, the way the Rams are playing, we’d rather have the Orange County nursery in L.A. anyway.)

As 10-year-old Annie Gebhardt entered the Clown Town fun-house at the L.A. County Fair, her father, Jack, noticed a list of rules outside.


No. 1: “No clowning around.”


Thirty-nine faithful UCLA fans, each donating $75,000, have “endowed” first- and second-string positions (i.e. the Chair of Tight End) on the school’s football team.