Judge Thomas' Confirmation

The charges against Judge Thomas and the vivid emotional testimony of Prof. Hill brought back a difficult memory of a similar situation in my own life. About 15 years ago I was on a date with a good friend when in the course of the evening I described in detail a hernia operation I had had. Being from a medical family, I thought nothing of references to the genitalia in describing effects from the operation.

About a week later, she came to me clearly upset and disturbed over how I had come on to her with such inappropriate behavior. This soured a friendship. If she had not confronted me on a behavior, which was very damaging emotionally to her even though unintended, I might have forgotten about the incident and never realized how much hurt had been caused.

I wonder whether Prof. Hill's recollection of whatever may have been said or done to her by Judge Thomas was adversely affected by keeping in all this hurt, anger and unforgiveness over the years. It is very easy for the memory of something difficult to either disappear or so change over time as to become unrecognizable.

DAN MARTIN, Fullerton

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