Veteran Latino Journalist Munoz Named News Director at KMEX


A veteran Latino newsman, Sergio Munoz, was named executive news director of KMEX Channel 34 Wednesday.

Munoz, who was executive editor at the Spanish-language daily newspaper La Opinion, will also serve as West Coast bureau chief for the Univision network, which owns KMEX.

Munoz, who also writes commentaries for The Times and has taught at local and Mexican universities, had been at La Opinion for 12 years. Before that he produced television commercials and was an advertising copywriter.

“I see an enormous future for KMEX and Univision,” he said at a news conference at Univision’s Los Angeles office. “I’m also sad, looking at the past 12 years dedicated to the most satisfying work. The past 12 years at La Opinion have been the best years of my life.”


KMEX General Manager Michael G. Martinez said that Munoz “brings us long years of journalistic experience, a reputation for insightful analysis, and the ability to foresee newsworthy events.”

As West Coast bureau chief, Munoz will be responsible not only for coverage of Southern California but also for coverage of news events in Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico and Central America.

He said he has no immediate plans for changes at KMEX but hopes to improve the integration of local and international news coverage.

“There are between 500,000 and 1 million Central Americans in the Pico-Union and South-Central areas (of Los Angeles),” he explained. “We have to portray their lives and what problems they have. But we also should be able to re-link them with their communities in Central America.”


Munoz will continue to provide commentaries to Univision, as he has been doing since 1989 on the network’s newsmagazine, “Portada,” and will present KMEX’s editorials.