NEIGHBORS : R-e-s-p-e-c-t : A billboard ad raises the question again: How hard is it to spell Fillmore?


As you can see by the Coors Light billboard located on California 126 east of Fillmore, the city still doesn’t get the respect it deserves. (Remember the street sign that pointed travelers to “126 Filmore and Ventura”?)

As for the slogan “Invest in Silver Filmore,” maybe they would have been better advised to invest in another L .

Jone Pence and Paul Morse can take credit for what may be the most popular bathroom in the country, if not the world.

If you don’t remember, Pence and Morse are the Ventura interior designers who, about a year ago, won a prestigious award for the remodeling work they did on a dilapidated bathroom.


Well, earlier this year that same work earned them an international design award, and the bathroom has been featured in 22 magazines, most recently in an issue of Woman’s Day.

The bathroom is also being used for the national ad campaign of Latco Tile Co. of Los Angeles.

Pence said all attention has generated interest in their work.

“I’ve been getting calls from people all over the United States who have seen our bathroom,” she said. “A lady from Seattle just fell in love with it and wanted to do the exact design. She was asking me how we did our construction. She’s duplicating the bathroom down to the wallpaper.”


Here’s one for parents and parents-to-be who have found the search for baby books confusing. On Nov. 9, Ventura psychologist Kimberly Wulfert will open Birthmatters Bookstore, which initially will carry about 260 titles.

Wulfert said the books will cover the entire cycle--from pregnancy, through fetal care and development, past birth and on to postpartum adjustment.

And that’s not to mention everything before and after those milestones, plus adoption and infertility.

Emphasis will be placed on the importance of psychological development and building self-esteem in the child, even as early as the fetal period.

“They need to understand that parenting begins while you’re pregnant. You don’t become a parent when the baby is in your arms,” Wulfert said. “Nothing says you have to be an excellent parent or a perfect parent. This is saying love your child, love yourself, be patient with your baby and be patient with yourself.”

The bookstore, to be located at 51 S. Victoria Ave., Suite 103, will also offer classes, workshops, support groups and specialty items.

Ventura County residents have no reason to be ashamed.

Los Angeles might have its tours of the stars’ homes, but we have our tours of major land mass projects.


For the eighth year, the Ventura County Economic Development Assn. is sponsoring a bus tour of development sites.

On the first seven trips, “we literally toured up and down the industrial parks in the county,” said the association’s Nancy Williams. “This year we’re primarily dealing with major land masses.”

In what the organization is calling a look “Behind the Headlines,” the Nov. 14 tour will include stops at Ahmanson and Jordan ranches, the Reagan Library, the Port of Hueneme, Ormond Beach, the proposed California State University site in Camarillo, the Marafuji Project and Unocal property.

If you’re interested in going on this daylong excursion (at a cost of $40, which includes lunch and speakers), call 988-1106.

And remember, please, no autographs.