Ballot Measure on Irvine Co.'s Village 38 Project Finds a City Divided

I refer specifically to the two articles ("Decision on Irvine's Development Course Put in Voters' Lap," Commentary, Oct. 27) discussing the upcoming vote on whether to approve the Irvine Co.'s current plan to develop its large tract of agricultural land known as Village 38 or Westpark II.

One article was written by a member of the building industry (David J. Babb), and it extols the massive development. The other article was by a professional analyst not in the building industry, Mark Petracca. He cites substantial evidence of expected traffic congestion, pollution, lowered property values, danger to children's health from electromagnetic radiation, etc., and he calls for a new plan.

After reading Petracca's article, I can't imagine any Irvine voter buying the Irvine Co. blandishments. My "no" vote on Measure B is a defense against degeneration of my community and a defense against a hostile takeover. That is, the Irvine Co. has set out with lies and misinformation to destroy a citizens' group (Irvine Tomorrow) for daring to defend citizens' interests.

Beyond that lies an enduring peril that threatens local democracy. The menace flows from the Irvine Co.'s apparent control of an Irvine City Council majority.



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