Ballot Measure on Irvine Co.'s Village 38 Project Finds a City Divided

The article regarding Irvine's referendum ("Irvine Is at Crossroads on Continued Growth," Oct. 28) suggested that Irvine Tomorrow was a newly formed group in the city. The opposite is true. Irvine Tomorrow began 20 years ago during the very first Irvine City Council race. It backed a slate of environmentally sensitive candidates against a slate that was publicly supported and bankrolled by the Irvine Co.

Guess what? Irvine Tomorrow-backed candidates won the majority on the new City Council in 1971 and the Irvine Co. was left with only two!

With a 20-year history in the city, Irvine Tomorrow continues to promote both the environment and Irvine's quality of life in urging no on Measure B.



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