Business Climate Killing City

Main Street is a sea of empty storefronts. Barker Bros. closes and leaves Ventura. The City Council will not support a university site anywhere in Ventura. The city of Ventura projects a deficit.

Our streets are inadequate; there are no funds to repair them.

Our schools are unable to educate our children; there are no funds.

These are a few recent headlines. They all reflect the same problem. Ventura is dying, economically.

Our city government's anti-business policies are now affecting the quality of life in Ventura.

Local government cannot afford to maintain our parks, education system or streets with a shrinking economic base.

Businesses pay taxes that homeowners do not. This provides the money for quality-of-life services.

Growth is not the issue. We all want restricted growth. We must recognize that to be pro-business is not to be pro-growth. Ventura can have both economic vitality and a restricted growth policy.

Our current city government is anti-business. Ventura will die, economically, if we do not change this attitude.

How will we then pay for parks, education, roads and quality water?

Please, in the upcoming election, vote for candidates who represent all of the quality-of-life interests in Ventura.


Treasurer, Venturans

for Responsible Government

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