Hurt Public Relations

As a fifth-generation Californian and a resident of both Newport Beach and Port Townsend, Wash., I am sorry to see the Los Angeles Times run a news brief on Port Townsend "not courting Californians," Oct. 13. I am a subscriber of the Port Townsend Leader. Although I have not followed the details in the Leader closely, I am aware that there has been some sort of marketing study recently released which targeted "markets" for tourism to Port Townsend.

This announcement of specific target markets for tourism drew many questioning, humorous and irate letters to the editor of the Leader. Today I was told by the Chamber of Commerce & Visitor's Bureau of Port Townsend that this study was part of a "proposal only" put together by the Economic Development Council of Main Street. (It) is currently under review and revision and has become the fiery subject of several public hearings.

I feel that The Times took the news brief out of context and possibly hurt the public relations efforts for tourism to Port Townsend.


Balboa Island

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