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To many in Southern California, the Music Center of Los Angeles County is an imposing edifice, a place to be admired from afar but not enjoyed by, well, the "common man."

In an effort to dispel that image, the folks on the hill are offering a "Community Guide to the Music Center," a brochure listing more than 70 public events that are free or discounted. Free events include concerts and festivals; discounted attractions cover the spectrum of Music Center opera, classical music concerts and theater. A number of the listings are targeted at children and/or students.

"Our aim," says Marcy Finerman, manager of marketing and communications for the cultural landmark, "is to enable more members of our growing community to experience the power and beauty of the performing arts, to open the doors wide to all of our neighbors."

The brochure is available in English and Spanish. And the price is right: free, with a phone call.

To receive a copy of the "Community Guide to the Music Center," call (213) 972-8000.

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