Eric Carr; Drummer of Rock Group Kiss Was 41, Had Cancer

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Associated Press

Drummer Eric Carr of the rock group Kiss has died from complications of cancer, his publicist said Monday.

Carr, 41, who died Sunday at Bellevue Hospital, had a malignant tumor removed from his heart earlier this year and underwent chemotherapy for cancer in his lungs, said his spokeswoman, Carol Kaye of Kayos Productions in Manhattan.

Carr replaced drummer Peter Criss, one of the group’s founding members, and recorded eight albums with Kiss, including “God Gave Rock and Roll to You,” on the soundtrack of the 1989 movie, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”


Formed in 1972, Kiss was known for outrageous stage antics--like a fire-breathing bass player--and their Kabuki-like black-and-white painted faces. Each member of the group was supposed to be an animal. Carr’s character was a fox.

He is survived by his parents and two sisters.