Future Tourist Attraction?

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The Hyatt Wilshire, which a Korean firm agreed last week to buy for about $25 million cash, is arguably one of the most underutilized historical sites in Los Angeles.

It was in one of the hotel’s elevators in October, 1981, that former New York Yankees boss George Steinbrenner broke his hand during a fight with two Dodgers fans. Steinbrenner’s Yankees and the Dodgers were playing in the World Series at the time.

According to Steinbrenner’s account, the fight started after the fans--who were never found--made disparaging remarks about New York, the Yankees and the team’s fans. Steinbrenner said he knocked one man to the ground with a punch after the man swung a beer bottle at him.


Moving Experience

Chuck Fries, the prolific producer of television movies whose company’s star fell when it filed for bankruptcy court protection in October, is one of only two people in the 31-year history of the Hollywood Walk of Fame to have his star relocated.

Back in 1986, Fries’ star was moved to the sidewalk in front of the Hollywood Boulevard headquarters of his company, Fries Entertainment. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce lists the only other person to relocate a star as entertainer/mogul Merv Griffin, who wanted his to be in front of his studio.

Johnny Grant, the honorary mayor of Hollywood and master of ceremonies at star unveilings, said he isn’t sure how much it cost Fries to move the star then. Grant estimates it would cost about $5,000 today.

Marketing Opportunity

Business is already poised to take advantage of the marketing opportunities developing in Western Europe with its economic integration next year, including a few that have gained little attention.

A recent issue of Drug and Cosmetic Industry featured an article by Dow Corning Corp. executive Alfred J. Disapio titled “Assessing Potential of the European Underarm Market.” Among the highlights:

* People tend to view Europeans as less sensitive to perspiration odor, but today “odor sensitivity is changing” because of more daily bathing and showering.


* Increased travel between Great Britain, where antiperspirants are popular, and France, where deodorants are more popular, may “affect the market balance of the different product types.”

* Students in Europe “are making a strong connection between physical activity and the desire for sweat control.”

Briefly. . .

Economic turbulence: A new economic research report from Goldman, Sachs & Co. is titled “Air Pocket or Wind Shear?” . . . Peter Pan syndrome: Half of the readers responding to a poll in Barbie magazine said Mattel’s venerable doll should dump boyfriend Ken because he still hasn’t asked her to marry him after 30 years. . . . A survey conducted by Union Bank of Switzerland found a shopping cart full of 39 holiday food items costs $389 in Los Angeles, $476 in New York, $347 in Chicago, $743 in Tokyo, $144 in Nairobi and $116 in Bombay.