World's Largest Whale Mural Planned for Arena

Long Beach officials announced Tuesday that they hope to have the world's largest whale mural painted on the sides of the Long Beach Arena next spring.

The 116,000-square-foot marine scene would cover all the exterior walls of the circular arena near the downtown waterfront. "This would be by far my largest mural, and I believe the largest mural in the world," said Wyland, a 35-year-old artist who does not use his first name.

At 95 feet by 1,225 feet, the mural would be significantly larger than what is recorded as the world's biggest mural in the Guinness Book of World Records. The current record is held by a 95,442-square-foot mural on a Las Vegas hotel.

Wyland, who lives in Laguna Beach and Hawaii, has painted 32 whale murals in cities around the world, including several in Southern California. Under an agreement with Long Beach, he will donate his services and the city will find private and corporate donors to provide the paint and other materials.

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