Bell Warns of Telephone Repair Con Game

Con artists posing as telephone repairmen have been trying to enter South Bay homes, according to Pacific Bell.

Three attempts have been reported in Coronado, San Ysidro and in Imperial Beach, telephone company spokesman Michael Runzler said.

"On Tuesday morning, a man claiming to be a telephone repairman called a woman in Coronado and told her he needed her address, which she gave," Runzler said. "Then she called us and we immediately notified the police."

Another attempt was made Monday morning at a woman's home in Imperial Beach by a man who attempted to get inside the residence by claiming he needed to check the telephone equipment. The resident checked with Pacific Bell, which informed her no repairman had been ordered to check her equipment.

"There seems to be a rash of these incidents in the last week," Runzler said. "Although there are instances when telephone technicians may appear at someone's home, it is highly unusual."

Runzler said that residents should ask for photo identification or immediately phone Pacific Bell's repair bureau number, which is 611, to verify any repairs.

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