Unofficial Registration Tallies Show Green Party Qualifies for 1992 Elections

Green Party officials said Friday that they appear to have registered enough members to qualify for the state's 1992 primary and general election ballots.

State Chairman Kent Smith said unofficial tallies show that the party, which stresses environmental consciousness, has registered more than 83,000 voters--well above the 78,992 needed by Dec. 31 to qualify for the June and November ballots.

The secretary of state's office, which will make an official certification determination in mid-January, reported that its latest unofficial tabulation showed the Greens had registered 77,359 voters as of Dec. 20.

The registration drive, which began in early 1990, has been watched closely by state Democratic and Republican leaders concerned that the Greens' environmental rallying cry could have a significant impact on the polls in coastal and urban areas.

"It looks like we'll be California's newest political party," Smith said Friday. "California is the political bellwether state. Once we show we can do it in California, many other states will follow."

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