California IN BRIEF : EMERYVILLE : Couple's Suit Claims Contaminated Bread

From Times Staff and Wire Reports

An elderly couple sued a local baking company after finding what they described as a "rubber-like object shaped like a condom" in a loaf of bread. According to the suit filed in Alameda County Superior Court, 80-year-old Ruth Moglen chewed on a rubber-like fragment after biting into a piece of bread baked by Metropolis Baking Co. "After having consumed a portion of the bread, Ruth Moglen gagged on a piece of bread within her mouth, expelled the contents of her mouth and discovered a rubber-like fragment," the suit stated. Moglen "further examined the remainder of the loaf of bread and discovered a rubber-like object shaped like a condom," the suit stated. The rubber object, however, may be part of a worker's rubber glove, not a condom, according to a spokeswoman for Safeway Inc. which was also sued.

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