COLLEGE FOOTBALL / BOWL GAMES REPORT : ROSE : Emtman Misses Practice Because of Flu

Defensive tackle Steve Emtman, Washington's Outland Trophy winner, has missed the last two days of practice because of flu, but Coach Don James says he is not concerned.

"He's got plenty of time to get back his strength," James said after Friday's practice at Rams Park. "He could be sick all week, get out of bed and still play in the game. If anybody on our team can afford to miss practice, it's Steve Emtman."

With Michigan's Gary Moeller making his first appearance in the Rose Bowl as a head coach, James recalled his first game in Pasadena, in 1978.

"We were 7-4 that year and a two-touchdown underdog," James said. "My biggest concern was, 'I hope I don't embarrass myself in front of all those people.' "

He didn't. Washington upset Michigan, 27-20.

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